Our goal is always to keep a vehicle as original and complete as possible.

At The Garage in the Village, we treat restoration as a mix of conservation, refurbishment – or renewal – and rebuilding.

All components to be restored are disassembled, repaired and refurbished.

We can replace damaged parts with original new or used components.

We document everything we do during a restoration project. We take photos and create a restoration file that forms part of the vehicles history – we’ll keep you informed of progress and as involved with the restoration of your vehicle as you want to be.

All projects are undertaken in stage payments and payments to suit your budget.

Restoration services include but are not limited to:

  • – Handmade stainless steel exhausts
  • – Engine rebuilds
  • – Full chassis setups
  • – Suspension rebuilds
  • – Gearbox rebuilds
  • – Chromework and brightwork
  • – Steering wheel renovation

To find out more about our Restoration Services, please contact us here.

Close up of jaguar hood ornament on old Jaguar car
Old, stripped back car with no interior or body work
Old, blue Mercedes car
Old, green MG car in work room
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